Web developer with 7+ years of experience in graphic design, web programming and client management. A customer-facing professional with developed technical skills and proven proficiency in front-end web development. Hard-working, dependable and motivated with an advanced ability to multi-task.

Senior Software Development Engineer, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  • Develops and maintains API for internal privacy and risk management (PRM) tool.
  • Develops, maintains, and monitors Azure Functions for backend-related jobs.
  • Collaborates with front-end developers on UX for internal PRM tool.
Software Development Engineer, Retail Lockbox, Inc., Seattle, WA
  • Developed and supported PCI-compliant .NET applications for merchant clients.
  • Provided training during SVN to Git migration and using Git within VS2017.
  • Created in-house tools and services for file encryption, workflow management and monitoring, and asset management.
Software Development Engineer, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  • Developed websites and services utilizing MVC concepts, C#, and frameworks such as Bootstrap, Microsoft’s WebCore Public UI, jQuery, and Angular.
  • Worked within Windows Devices Group to enhance user experiences with consistent design and behavior, web site page flows, site analysis and performance.
  • Researched, developed, and tested accessibility fixes for keyboard devices and visual impairments (non-sighted users and users with color blindness).
Implementation Specialist/Developer, Libercus, Remote
  • Designed and developed websites for newspaper/media clients.
  • Served as design resource for UI/UX enhancements.
  • Developed proof-of-concept for HTML-based electronic reader.
  • Proficiency in: CSS, HTML, JS (plus jQuery, Angular, Typescript), C#, SQL, and some Java
  • Fluent in written and verbal English and Spanish
University of Denver, Denver, CO
Master of Science, Software Design & Programming
University of Tampa, Tampa, FL
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Journalism minor